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Surfs Up! In the Tropics of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has fast become one of the best surfing places around the world, in the last 15 years. Many surfers flock to the beaches, all year round, for the tropical weather and the waves. When scouting for places to surf, you either choose; the Caribbean or pacific side, and both have different personalities.

When traveling or studying abroad, if surfing is one of your to-do-list during your stay in the country, consider a few of the locations Spanish for Success represents; Dominical, Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, and Samara. Many of the programs do offer Spanish language courses and surf classes.

Tip: Since the sport of surfing has become more common, you'll come across some beach towns that caters to the locals, meaning, if they have been surfing there for years, they have the first privilege riding some of the best waves. This holds true for Hawaii as well, as some of the locals tend to be territorial with their specific spots. But, if you're new to the sport, and is interested in learning, many of the surf schools work with the locals for travelers and students to participate.

Surfing in Costa Rica is one of those adventure experience worth trying out. Just being in the warm water makes it so much more fun. Pura Vida!

Surfer checking out the surf.
Pacific coast
Pacific coast

Sunset in pacific side

Sunset in pacific side
One of the best experiences in Costa Rica is the view. When you experience the gorgeous sunsets, it will make fall in love with the country. Some of the images above are from a beach town called, Dominical. Located in the pacific side, it has one of the most beautiful scenes for sunsets.

Surfer riding the wave as the sun is setting
Surfer riding the wave as the sun is setting.
If you're planning to bring your surf board to the country, do check with the airlines for weight and fee requirements. When you arrive in the country, many of the airport public taxis do offer places for storage, and some public buses have bottom spaces for surf boards. Ask your study abroad agent for more information.

For more resources on Costa Rica surf reports or places to go, we recommend CR Surf.

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