Monday, December 22, 2008

Carmen (Utah, USA) Sample Blog Writting

By: Carmen (Utah, USA) 2003
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I am sorry I havent wrote sooner. Each time I get on the internet something happens immediately when I am about to type. Our school is held outdoors in bamboo tents next to the jungle. This is also a nature reserve with incredible flora and animals. The birds are amazing. I actually went waterfall repeling. It was just like Romancing the stone. The jungle is amazing. I repelled down the water fall with ropes and climbing gear. Then we trapsed through the jungle along the river. WOW!! Alas we took a few zip lines to several platforms. Kinda scarry. not too high however. Zip lines are wires you hook your harness up to with a pulley. you can fly through the jungle perhaps 50 yars or so and land on another platform. We then rapelled down several other waterfalls. I am going on the same trip next week because I needed a waterproof camera along the way. You will be in shock. My host family is wonderful. my brothers and sisters are great. I have been singing Ave Maria maria for everyone. Mothers day is Aug. 15 and I am going to my grandmothers house to sing with her along with the professor of music from the local universidad. He will accompany me on the guitar. I have rented a bike here and ride it to school and back. It is about 2 miles away on the nature reserve. The food is not very good here, but I will survive. I am going on a class 5 river raft trip on Saturday on one of the most renowned rivers in the world. It sounds scary,but por la vida as the Ticos say. live life. My spanish is not coming along as good as I had hoped. I kick myself everyday for not bringing my spanish books from school.Salt Lake Community College. I will have Ola send them on Monday. Every day I get up at 6 oclock and eat breakfast at 7. I have had alot of activities lately. Etc. Serpentaria. That was a reserve for Snakes and such up in the Mountains. We were told all about snakes etc.. Too bad it was all in spanish. I will go there again in a few weeks. This school is great. My legs look like beets. They are swollen with mosquito bites. ITCHY!!!!! I am a bit bruised up from the Canyoneering , I went to the gym today for the first time, I havent had any time to go. I have ran a few time in the nature reserve. Pure paradis. It is amazing how much it rains but it is a warm rain and very pleasant. On Sunday we are taking a hike to the local Volcano and going inside. It should be an adventure. Getting to a phone is difficult, however I just found out tonight that I can use my host familys phone with the card I have. We had several tremors here over the past days due to a large earthquake in Panama.

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