Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jazz Cafe - San Jose, Costa Rica

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We dug up old pictures from our vault, and came across this set from 2003. Photos by, Russo Mutuc.

The Jazz Cafe located in Agenda de Espectáculos de Jazz Café Jazz Café San Pedro

If you're a traveler and/or student learning Spanish abroad, venues like these are a great way to experience local culture. The Jazz Cafe hosts a variety of nightly live shows that supports local and international talents. If you have a night to explore the city of San Jose, and not necessarily looking for night clubs or dive bars, we recommend checking out this place.

On this particular night, Aimee, from the USA, was asked to perform belly dancing with local musicians. A great fusion of dance and beats.


In general, the Costa Rican people love to dance. The rhythm, or, 'ritmo,' in Spanish, is in their blood.

On this particular event, even belly dancing is accepted into the community. You can find several places to go and dance within the city or small towns. Explore the salsa, cumbia, and the merengue scenes.  

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