Sunday, March 4, 2012

Costa Rica Snake Farm

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Here is one of Costa Rica's unique tours, the snake farm. In the farm, participants are thought about the various snakes in Costa Rica. They help educate the public about safety, population of the snakes, and how they migrate. Due to increased development in the country, the natural habitats of the snakes are vastly being changed; which more and more snake bites have become common in the local plantations.

One of the most deadliest snakes known in the country is called, the Bushmaster.

Here is a video from The Jaguar Rescue Center, a different program from the snake farm. 

The students also got a treat by learning about the Red Eye Tree Frog. A colorful frog, which is safe to handle, completely harmless compared to other frogs in the country.

Red-eyed tree frogs, as their name states, have red eyes with vertically narrowed noses, a vibrant green body with yellow and blue striped sides, and orange toes. Read full description.

Here's a video

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