Monday, December 22, 2008

Carmen (Utah, USA) Sample Blog Writting

By: Carmen (Utah, USA) 2003
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I am sorry I havent wrote sooner. Each time I get on the internet something happens immediately when I am about to type. Our school is held outdoors in bamboo tents next to the jungle. This is also a nature reserve with incredible flora and animals. The birds are amazing. I actually went waterfall repeling. It was just like Romancing the stone. The jungle is amazing. I repelled down the water fall with ropes and climbing gear. Then we trapsed through the jungle along the river. WOW!! Alas we took a few zip lines to several platforms. Kinda scarry. not too high however. Zip lines are wires you hook your harness up to with a pulley. you can fly through the jungle perhaps 50 yars or so and land on another platform. We then rapelled down several other waterfalls. I am going on the same trip next week because I needed a waterproof camera along the way. You will be in shock. My host family is wonderful. my brothers and sisters are great. I have been singing Ave Maria maria for everyone. Mothers day is Aug. 15 and I am going to my grandmothers house to sing with her along with the professor of music from the local universidad. He will accompany me on the guitar. I have rented a bike here and ride it to school and back. It is about 2 miles away on the nature reserve. The food is not very good here, but I will survive. I am going on a class 5 river raft trip on Saturday on one of the most renowned rivers in the world. It sounds scary,but por la vida as the Ticos say. live life. My spanish is not coming along as good as I had hoped. I kick myself everyday for not bringing my spanish books from school.Salt Lake Community College. I will have Ola send them on Monday. Every day I get up at 6 oclock and eat breakfast at 7. I have had alot of activities lately. Etc. Serpentaria. That was a reserve for Snakes and such up in the Mountains. We were told all about snakes etc.. Too bad it was all in spanish. I will go there again in a few weeks. This school is great. My legs look like beets. They are swollen with mosquito bites. ITCHY!!!!! I am a bit bruised up from the Canyoneering , I went to the gym today for the first time, I havent had any time to go. I have ran a few time in the nature reserve. Pure paradis. It is amazing how much it rains but it is a warm rain and very pleasant. On Sunday we are taking a hike to the local Volcano and going inside. It should be an adventure. Getting to a phone is difficult, however I just found out tonight that I can use my host familys phone with the card I have. We had several tremors here over the past days due to a large earthquake in Panama.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Costa Rican Artists

This section we will provide for our viewers to get to know some of the top artists in:

* Painting
* Music
* Ceramics
* More to add

Costa Rican Music Artists

Updated - November 2008
Makatelyu is a Costa Rica reggae, Latin, Caribbean band form in 1998. There music and message provide an insight about Costa Rica culture, politics, and its people. Check the link to see and listen to some of their music in Youtube. Blog with us, and let us know what you think?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

10) Easily accessible from the USA; about 2-8 hours flight from a major hub

9) Compared to Euros, a dollar goes further, and lot more affordable than Europe

8) Abundance of fruits and vegetable (Mango, Pineapples, bananas, and many more)

7) Costa Rican Foods and Cuisines (Casados, Gallo Pinto, Ceviches, and many more)

6) See exotic creatures and animals (4 types of monkeys, green turtles, red eye tree frogs, and many more)

5) Known for some of the best Eco-tourism (National Parks; active volcano, cloud forests, rivers, beaches, and many more)

4) Good quality coffee (Soil in volcanic areas, mountain ranges produce amazing coffee tastes)

3) The weather is great all year round (Only two season; rainy and dry)

2) Has plenty of Adventure Tourism (River Rafting, Zipline, Canyoneering, hiking, surfing, and many more)

1) GREAT PLACE TO LEARN SPANISH (Spanish for Success)

Costa Rica is an ideal place to visit anytime of the year, many travelers and tourist are amazed by the experience they get from the country. Many have returned to the country more than ones, some have taken on residence in the country as an expat or investor. The investments within the country has grown dramatically, in the last 10 years, from; Real Estate, B&B, restaurants, and even surf schools.

Here are some more points about the country.
• There have been no recent acts of terrorism in the country. Relatively safe for women travelers
• The capital of Costa Rica offers advance Medical Facilities and the latest technology
• Ideal place for retirees
• American Passports automatically have three months visa stay upon arrival
• The locals, or as known as Tico’s, are some of the friendliest people you will meet. The majority has a laid back relaxed feeling about life.
• Transportation in the ground and air is very efficient in most popular destinations.
• There is a fusion of different cultures from the North, South, East, and West.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Study Spanish in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has no official military and has instead chosen to invest most of its funds in the areas of Health and Education. There is virtually no political unrest in the nation, which makes traveling considerably more comfortable.

Costa Rica has a rich diversity of elements to enjoy running the gamut of cuisine, fruits, culture, people and various other activities, particularly in the realm of ecotourism. Twenty-five percent of its lands are designated as National Parkland and therefore offer the visitor a wide assortment of choices when participating in outdoors activities.

These range from the pristine rainforests of Corcovado, to the wide beaches on both the Pacific and the Caribbean, to the high altitude cloud forests of Monteverde and the seasonally snow covered top of Chirripo (2nd highest mountain in Central America).

Costa Rica is your best choice from a wealth of pleasurable activities and a quality educational experience.

Our focus is Spanish language immersion, because we have various locations around the country each of which provide different environments for learning, it’s up to the student to decide which environment is best for them given their objectives.

Schools not only offer classes, but they also provide different activity options, depending on the package chosen, which let the student determine what’s best for them.

Costa Rica has invested much of its resources in health care infrastructure and education. The nation is a stable, tourist friendly, advanced country with a high literacy rate.

But for those seeking to improve their Spanish language skills, they will be hard pressed to find a better combination of learning opportunity, environment, pricing and sheer beauty.

Experience Costa Rica for its beauty, culture, people, and the many adventures. For example, beaches the offer great sun and surf, with the essence of tranquility. Top Notch River rafting, that offers all levels of classes, plus it has one of the top five rivers of the world, known as the Pacuare.

Endure the many challenges of hiking, mountain biking, repelling, zipline, ATV, caving, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and many more. If adventure is not your desire, the country also offers the many relaxing activities from; bird watching, eco tours, coffee plantation, Catamaran boat/island tours, and of course the many hot springs. If you prefer to socialize, there are many local bars, clubs, or dive spots that best fits your mood.

There are choices from: live bands, Jazz or Rock to other sorts of genre. For those footloose enthusiasts, the Latin dancing will further enhance your trip. (Salsa, Merengae, Cumbia, and many more!)

When is a good time to go?

Anytime of the year is a great time to go. Depending on your length of time is a good question.

January 1 New Year’s Day *
April 1 First Day of Passover
April 2 Good Friday
April 11 National Hero’s Day *
May 1 Labor Day *
July 25 Guanacaste Province’s Annexation Day *
August 2 Virgin of Los Angeles Day
August 15 Mother’s Day
September 15 Independence Day *
October 12 Columbus Day
December 25 Christmas Day *

(* Holidays to watch out for when choosing a program)

Come and enjoy Costa Rica.