Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tropical Fruits and Vegetables

Costa Rica is known for lush vegetation and greens. Because of the rich soils, many products can be grown in the country. If you're looking to transition your diet into plan based, this country will bring variety of options.

Every town will have open-air markets, many of the local farmers come to trade their goods. In the city of San Jose, the Mercado Central, houses a block full of goods to sell from; fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry's, kitchen needs, and many more. Some vendors you will come across in street side from main roads or even highways.

Here are some images of Costa Rica's fruits and vegetables. We'll post more as we get them from Spanish students. (Go to main BLOG)

Assortment of fruits from mangoes, apples, avocados, grapes, and more

Assortment of vegetables from a vendor.

Coffee Beans

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Costa Rica From A Different View

One way to see Costa Rica from a different view, is from the sky. Here is a video and photo essay of Costa Rica from a different point of view.

Raw video taking off

The hanger

The runway

Take off time...

Pilots view

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What is it About Costa Rican Beaches, that Travelers Flock to?

When you think of Costa Rica, the beach is one of the most popular destinations to go to. Costa Rica beaches are so beautiful, often times, it's mandatory for a traveler to put in their itinerary. What is it about Costa Rican beaches, travelers love? Is it the warm waters all year round? The exciting waves to surf? The sunrise and sunsets? The laid back feeling? The food? The tropical weather? The people and culture? Whatever it is, travelers and tourist come from all over the world to experience the natural ingredients of the country.

In general the beach makes people happy, and Costa Rica is one of those places that makes people smile and have a good time. It was even named one of the most happiest place on earth, in 2009. So many tourist enjoyed their experience in the country, that they turned ex-pats and changed their life styles to get a piece of paradise.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eco-Adventures and Biology Trips in Costa Rica

Students exploring the Eco-Adventures of Costa Rica, some are on a biology field trip, and others are on the Eco-high-feeling from the many natural beauty the country has to offer. When students study Spanish in Costa Rica, they have a chance to, not only to learn a language, but also to explore the country. If studying in a particular city or town there are tour companies working with the students who offer half-day or full day tours. Plus it's recommended if students are staying for more than one week, to take advantage of the weekend tours to explore. From late Friday to Sunday, students can either go to the beach or mountains to try some of the famous tours Costa Rica. Adventure tours are plentiful, and there are choices from; ziplines, river rafting, hiking, mountain biking, surfing, snorkeling, camping, kayaking, swimming, therapeutic and relaxing places, plus many more. It's an outdoor playground for students to explore. The pictures below are some of the tours students participate in. While in the country, it's common to come across the other locals, the wild life. Monkeys will holler, tropical birds flying, plentiful insects will be roaming, and other exotic animals living in their habitat. (Go to main BLOG)

Some of the students in the pictures had taken the courses offered at the Heredia and Samara Spanish schools, operated by Intercultura. Students can participate in these two locations to get different experience from city to beach. It's a good combination which many students participate in. Spanish for Success has been working with students and the school since 2004.

More images from Costa Rica

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