Friday, January 1, 2010

Red Eyes From a Flight to Costa Rica

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Red-eye Flights
Many of you have probably traveled and taken the red-eye flight. For some that had, you know how it feels to be part of this experience. For the readers of this blog interested about the experience, see the video below and read on.
There is a reason why they call it red eye flights, and literally, your eyes are red after taking the flight. The term comes from flights operated overnight, and travelers arrive at their destination with fatigue and exhaustion. The eyes are stressed from lack of proper sleep, and time change.
In the video below, I took a red-eye flight from Los Angeles (12a.m.) to El Salvador and final destination, Costa Rica (9a.m.). For travelers arriving in the country, this is a great way to save time and possibly money. Take for instance short-term vacationers, taking this flight would be ideal if they really wanted to maximize their time in the country. Arriving early morning will give them a full day to discover. But the disadvantage would be fatigue. If the body is not accustomed to little sleep, these short-term vacationers might end up sleeping in the rest of the day.
With my returning trip to Costa Rica, spending 4 days in the country made sense taking the red-eye flight. I had more hours in the day, to take care of business. The first night, in the country, I slept for hours.

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