Thursday, December 31, 2009

Costa Rica Culture and Personal - Photography

Volume 1
Her are some images from Costa Rica. Russo Mutuc's Image Worx shares some of his photography.

When you come to Costa Rica, you will not only see the many breathtaking views of the cloud forest, volcanoes, hot springs, jungles, beaches, and many more. To truly experience a cultural immersion, get to know the local foods, music, art, dance, and the people. When students go abroad, to learn Spanish, they have the chance to be part of the local scene. Try and speak the language, and you will be surprised how you can discover the whole culture.

Russo Mutuc – “I spent a day doing a walking tour around town, and I got to know some of the vendors at an open-air market. Surprisingly enough, many of them are not camera shy. They were very friendly, and open to chatting about our different backgrounds. I also went around looking for locals willing to speak about their fashion style. I tried to capture, in video and pictures, urban styles.”

Some of the images shared are people in their element. We’ve posted Volume 1, more images to come in the near future. So make sure to come and check us out often.

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