Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is it About Costa Rican Beaches, that Travelers Flock to?

When you think of Costa Rica, the beach is one of the most popular destinations to go to. Costa Rica beaches are so beautiful, often times, it's mandatory for a traveler to put in their itinerary. What is it about Costa Rican beaches, travelers love? Is it the warm waters all year round? The exciting waves to surf? The sunrise and sunsets? The laid back feeling? The food? The tropical weather? The people and culture? Whatever it is, travelers and tourist come from all over the world to experience the natural ingredients of the country.

In general the beach makes people happy, and Costa Rica is one of those places that makes people smile and have a good time. It was even named one of the most happiest place on earth, in 2009. So many tourist enjoyed their experience in the country, that they turned ex-pats and changed their life styles to get a piece of paradise.

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Stef said...
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Stef said...

Very interesting, I would like to move to Costa Rica, but first I need to find a lot and learn a little Spanish. Decide where to live is very difficult, personally I love the people from Costa Rica are very nice and the nature is amazing. In Costa Rica, one can enjoy lovely tropical beaches, the grandest adventures, the wonders of nature, brilliant and exciting culture and all the necessary components of an ideal vacation.
lots in costa rica